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A lot has happened over our summer months this year. A favorite part of our summer was learning that baby is a BOY!! We were anxiously awaiting our anatomy ultrasound on the 25th of July to find out as many details as possible about our little one.



Carson’s sweet little profile❀

Thankfully our summer was so busy up to that day that there truly was not much time spent in the “watching paint dry” kind of waiting phase. The actual appointment ended up being fairly stressful, our ultrasound tech was not having a good day and rushed us very abruptly through the entire appointment…all 12 minutes of it!

We had been told to plan for 45 minutes to 1 hour for the appointment. A rushed and cranky tech was not quite what we had mentally prepared for, ugh. HOWEVER we still got to see our baby and learn that he was a HE, so despite feelings of frustration we quickly resolved not to let the tone of the appointment steal our joy.

We had a boy name and a girl name in mind before we went, so once we heard “It’s a boy”-  we got to start using our son’s name, Carson James Rodriguez. Sigh.❀❀❀


Later that same night, after talking to my doctor, the ultrasound tech called us to apologize about her attitude and the general rushed nature of the appointment. We were scheduled for a make-up ultrasound the following week and all was resolved.

Post appointment, we set off to find some baby blue sunglasses to use for announcing Carson to our friends and family. What we found out was that finding sunglasses for a baby BOY was a borderline impossible feat.

Every store we went in carried all kinds of sunglasses for baby girls but baby boy sunglasses were not to be found. So silly. We ended up finding some sunglasses like what we wanted online, and later had a friend find the perfect pair while she was out shopping. What a group effort for such a tiny piece of plastic haha


Once arriving home we shared the news with our families and friends via FaceTime – as they were all anxiously awaiting our big reveal! Most of our family was thinking that we would be having a boy and there was lots of celebrating all around!


Tiny baby things are very hard to not buy!

We headed out of town for a wedding later in that week so it took a little while before we made our baby boy news “Facebook officiall”πŸ™‚ Overall, it’s been so fun to call our son by name, pray for him by name, pick out items for his room with him in mind…you get the idea!

Last weekend we spent time shopping for his nursery and working on our baby registry! We fully acknowledged that we will probably never again spend so much time on any future child’s room decor selection, but we had fun!πŸ™‚


Post Target registry shopping with my swag bag


Dad skills!


 A little nursery sneak peek

Since finding out Carson was a boy, we have actually seen him several times on ultrasounds. At our make-up ultrasound it was discovered that his umbilical cord formed short of 1 artery. Umbilical cords are supposed to have 1 vein and 2 arteries, his only has 1 vein and 1 artery.

In general, this means that his growth needs to be monitored closely throughout the rest of my pregnancy to make sure that he is still growing correctly. Both of us continue to be healthy and strong which continues to be an answer to prayers!


He is the cutest. We are so in love!

At one of our ultrasounds this past month, our favorite moment was Carson opening and closing one of his hands several times. At our ultrasound this week,  we got to see both of his feet together – they are so preciousπŸ™‚ He is close to weighing 1.5 lbs already which is right on track, praise God!


Tiny hand waving hello❀


His little feet!

More posts upcoming about our other summer adventures – Carson just gets first priority of courseπŸ™‚ As always, we are thankful for the love and support our family has in each of you!


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