Birthday: December 11, 2016 Due date: December 12, 2016 We were scheduled to be induced on the 12th, if I did not go into labor on my own Hospital: Mercy Known around St. Louis as the "Baby Factory"- they deliver an average of 8,000 babies per year and have staff/space to deliver 10,000 I hope … Continue reading #HappyBirthdayCarson



Adam and I had a lot of fun designing and putting together our first nursery for sweet little Carson. Obviously babies really do not need cutesy rooms, but hey, I spend a lot of time in there too and mama loves a cute room! I had been dreaming up nursery decorating ideas for a girl … Continue reading #OurFirstNursery


I thought it would be worthwhile to jot down an overview of pregnant things & happenings since it was a major part of my life for most of 2016. Apparently, some mamas keep pregnancy journals while they are pregnant but I was not one of those, hence this post. It's easier to try and remember … Continue reading #PregnantLife


SO. What have we been up to?? Around here, we count our time in weeks, more specifically, how many weeks I have been pregnant. A silly way to track life honestly especially since pregnancy weeks/months and the math doesn't quite add up...but oh well! As of this moment we are 45 days away from Carson's … Continue reading #whatwehavebeenupto

#BabyBoy #CarsonJames

A lot has happened over our summer months this year. A favorite part of our summer was learning that baby is a BOY!! We were anxiously awaiting our anatomy ultrasound on the 25th of July to find out as many details as possible about our little one. Thankfully our summer was so busy up to … Continue reading #BabyBoy #CarsonJames


I wrote a lot of this down shortly after we told our families so I wouldn't forget details. It's hard to believe that now I am almost half way through this pregnancy (18 weeks on Sunday!). Enjoy one of our favorite trips down memory lane πŸ™‚ Adam and I found out about our little on … Continue reading #AnnouncingBaby