SO. What have we been up to??

Around here, we count our time in weeks, more specifically, how many weeks I have been pregnant. A silly way to track life honestly especially since pregnancy weeks/months and the math doesn’t quite add up…but oh well! As of this moment we are 45 days away from Carson’s due date, which seems close and far away all at the same time.

Adam is a little over halfway through his fall quarter of classes. He took 3 classes over the summer, and is in 6 classes currently. 5 classes that meet regularly and 1 class that is comprised of a series of field trips between now and the spring to visit various ministries across the country. A few weekends ago, for example, he traveled to Iowa and Nebraska where he visited a placed called “Mission Central” (IA) and visited a church that had been successfully revitalized (NE).

His favorite class currently is Homeletics which is all about learning how to prepare for, write, and deliver sermons. He will take several classes on this during his time at the Seminary, this quarter is his first one! His other classes include Synoptic Gospels, Pastor as Counselor, Systematics I, and Western Christian Life and Thought. Read: He has a lot of homework.

While Adam is in classes, studying, or working, I can be found at church or reading something that has to do with babies haha. I was installed in my new position as Director of Christian Education at Concordia Lutheran Church at the beginning of August.

I work with middle school students and also spend time on young adult ministry and worship arts. Adam has been assigned to do his fieldwork at my church. After a year of being assigned to a variety of different churches across St. Louis, it is SO nice to have a church home again.

From the time we returned home from the LCMS Youth Gathering in July to now, it really seems that we have not had a down moment…until now.

Over the end of the summer until now, we have: had the blessing of visits from both of our families, time with friends, traveling for a wedding, making it to a few St. Louis events like Cardinals baseball games, Shakespeare in the Park, and a show at the Muny, working on Carson’s nursery,  attending & leading at the All Youth Retreat for our church, celebrated the engagement of one of my brothers, celebrated Adam’s brother starting his freshman year of college, had many baby doctor  visits, bought a new to us car and more…which is why I write half of this stuff down anyways – just to keep track of it all!

I shared in our last post about Carson’s single artery umbilical cord, and we are happy to share that he continues to being growing strong and healthy! Yay Jesus, a constant answer to prayer! We go to the doctor a lot to monitor him, but are more than happy to do so.

At his last ultrasound a week ago he was a little over 4.5 pounds and is hitting all his growth marks. In other baby news, we officially have a pediatrician lined up, have toured the hospital, and finished his nursery. This past weekend we were blessed with a  baby shower. I will share lots of baby room and baby shower fun in a future post. 🙂

Fall has really only just started to get underway here (weather and activity wise). Adam just started his basketball season and celebrated his 27th birthday. (!!!) On his actual birthday he spent the day either in class or studying for a huge test he had the next day, so we will be celebrating his birthday full force next weekend with a party. Tons of pictures to be seen below – enjoy and, as always, come visit. 🙂


Adam, Kyla & Carson

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.22.20 PM


Kevin’s Installation & Visit from Adam’s family

Cardinals Game Fun


img_56904th of July!




Pre-Gathering – after not being able to handle the smell of coffee for months, I was finally starting to feel better – just in time! Woohoo!!

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A short but fabulous visit with our niece! Magic House, the Zoo…all big hits!







Thankful to have such supportive family!!






Fieldtrip to Mission Central